The Truth About Women’s Fitness

In the last couple of decades, women in particular have been getting more concerned with the state of their fitness in relationship to a healthy body image. Women of past ages have always been concerned over their weight and desire to keep a girlish figure. But the trend for exercise has never been greater than today. Whether this is a result of women in the workplace looking for a way to become active after sitting at a desk all day, or a change in the way society looks at a sedentary lifestyle, women everywhere are looking for ways to exercise and maintain a healthy weight.

Exercise provides many benefits, as most of us know. Exercise, along with diet will help you maintain a healthy weight and strengthen your cardiovascular system. Exercise builds strength and stamina, so that you can perform your daily activities without strain. But the truth about women’s fitness is that it offers so much more. Fitness, especially for women, offers benefits other than than weight loss and strength. Fitness will make you feel younger, give your skin a vibrant glow, improve brain activity, and give you confidence.

Women’s fitness is different than fitness programs for men. If you are interested in a women’s fitness program, look for exercises designed for women to work with the natural curves of a woman’s body. Exercises such as Pilates, concentrate on engaging the core throughout the workouts. These exercises shrink the waistline and flatten the tummy, while strengthening your back muscles and give you more flexibility and a longer range of reach.

Women’s fitness programs incorporate the use of weights, but not in the same way that men may be able to lift. When you start using weights, it is recommended that attempt to lift more than you think you can, but be careful not to put too much strain on your joints. Be aware of your own body and don’t allow others to hinder or push you in any direction that you are not comfortable. Fitness should be fun and you should be in complete control.

The truth about women’s fitness is that it should be for life. Fitness isn’t just a quick diet and an occasional trip to the gym. True women’s fitness includes a healthy diet, of lean meats, fruits and vegetables and whole grains. The diet should be low in saturated fat, sodium, sugar, while containing a balance of vitamins and nutrients to keep you healthy. Women’s fitness includes an exercise plan that incorporates strength training and cardio workouts. Women’s fitness also includes plenty of rest.

Rest is a vital component to fitness, and the truth is women need more rest than men. However, women usually scrimp on sleep when it comes to taking care of their families. With so much responsibility, it is sometimes difficult to get to bed at any decent hour. Then before you know it, it is time to rise and begin again. With so little sleep, it is no wonder that fatigue is a major complaint among women.

The truth about women’s fitness is that it is vital to a woman’s health. It is time to take control, pay attention to your needs and focus on fitness for a healthier and happier life.