Raising a Little Yogini

Children are watching everything that you do as a parent. It is absolutely important that you make sure that you are living a healthy lifestyle that is not only beneficial for you but is also filled with habits that you would not mind seeing reflected in your child in the future. One of the most valuable things that a parent can show their child is the importance of taking care of themselves with proper nutrition and daily exercise. Not only is it wonderful for your children to have their parents are healthy role models, they need to see a variety of ways in which you stay in shape.

One of the popular ways that parents are getting exercise is through parent-and-me classes. Mommy and me yoga classes are being added to the class rosters of many yoga studios. While there are many types of yoga, most versions will provide strength, endurance, muscle tone and flexibility. Practicing yoga also gives participants amazing body control and confidence, two traits ideal for children to have. 

Prenatal yoga classes are incredibly popular for expecting mothers. These classes cannot only keep moms-to-be in great shape, but they allow them to practice breathing and meditation, which will come in handy during the rigors of labor. However the benefits pregnant moms receive from prenatal yoga classes can continue post delivery. New moms find yoga helps to get back in shape after pregnancy while still being able to spend quality time with their little one. 

Introducing your child to yoga does not need to be restricted to a yoga studio. There are amazing yoga videos that are child friendly and free online. Your living room floor is the perfect place to practice the downward dog, the seated twist, the warrior and the crow pose.