Exercise With Your Kids

Do you ever watch your kids run all over the place, just in awe of their never-ending energy? They can run and jump, bike and skip all day and they never seem to tire. One thing that you can see on their faces is joy, happiness and fun! Well it’s time to take a cue from our kids and get moving!


If you feel that you just cannot make it to the gym, and cannot seem to find the time to finish your own exercise routine at home, then it may be time to “sneak in” some exercise throughout the day. Try exercising with your kids.

This does not take any special equipment or training. Children already know how to make play very active. So, your job is to join in on the fun and no longer be a bystander from the couch. Some examples:

Run: Children seem to have the energy to run all day. Between activities, they are always running. So, head to the backyard or an open park and run with them! Make it a game by playing tag, or playing a sporting game. When you run, give it your full effort for maximum calorie burn.

Jump rope: Yes, jump rope used to be something you played for fun! Well, instead of viewing jump rope as a rigorous exercise, make it fun again. Jump rope with your kids and impress them with your skills, while you tone your legs and improve your cardiovascular endurance.

Park equipment: Instead of sitting on the park bench and observing, go climb the park equipment with your kids. Climbing up stairs, rock walls, and across bridges is major cardio. If you played at the park for 30 minutes, you would likely burn the same amount of calories as an aerobic fitness class.

Bike: Go for a family bike ride. You will get the benefits of cycling while enjoying the company of your children.

Hiking: Go on a nature walk at a local park or hiking trail. Hiking at a brisk pace will burn calories and challenge your leg strength. Plus it is fun and relaxing to be outside in nature.