The Role of the Doula

Many parents-to-be discuss whether or not a doula should play a part in their pregnancy and in the delivery of their child. The unique role of a doula can be an invaluable asset. A doula is a person that serves as an assistant to a pregnant and laboring mother-to-be. They provide amazing emotional and physical support through pregnancy and labor as well as the fourth trimester/transitional period of parents and baby post delivery. 

A doula is focused on the overall wellbeing of the mother. This type of care is often what is missing with many doctors in hospitals. The presence of a doula, especially for first time mothers, can be a comforting addition to the team needed to bring a child into the world. While most doctors provide their patients with wonderful care throughout their pregnancy and labor, many moms-to-be, especially first time moms, would prefer additional care and attention through the pregnancy and labor process. Hiring a doula can guarantee that the mother-to-be will have a nurturing experience through her pregnancy as well as delivery. 

Childbirth can be a difficult event if a mom-to-be does not properly prepare for labor. It is incredibly important to have the right information and the proper education about what happens to your body during labor. Once you have that information, you need someone such as a doula, to be sympathetic and patient through the process. A doula is the perfect, educated cheerleader during delivery. They can act as the liaison between you and the doctor in the hospital to make sure that you have a beautiful, stress-free birth. The doula does not take the place of the partner through the pregnancy however, they are there to focus on the mother and help her feel wonderful, informed and empowered.