Pregnancy Cravings Gone Healthy

The movies always show pickles and ice cream as a pregnant woman’s GO TO craving.  Whatever you’re craving, oftentimes it is not always the healthiest option on the menu.  Here are some healthy alternatives to satisfy a pregnancy craving without all the guilt and calories.



You are craving ice cream:  Instead of high fat ice cream, try a lower fat frozen yogurt instead.  Typically frozen yogurt will satisfy your craving for something creamy and satisfying without all of the fat.  Try sprinkling a few chocolate chips over raspberry frozen yogurt to satisfy a chococlate craving.


You are craving a milkshake:  Instead of a milkshake, try a fruit smoothie.  Use banana, milk and frozen strawberries.  The banana will give the smoothie thickness and creaminess and pack plenty of vitamins.


You are craving chips and dip:  If you are craving something salty and crunchy, try hummus and raw veggies.  Hummus is high in fiber and protein and will keep you feeling full.  In addition, the veggies will satisfy your crunchy craving with hardly any calories.


You are craving mashed potatoes:  Instead of mashed potatoes, which are often full of extra butter and cream, try mashed cauliflower.  You can steam cauliflower, and mash it just like potatoes.  Add a little olive oil and garlic for a delicious comfort food without all of the starchy guilt.


You wish you could have a glass of wine with dinner: Obviously, you are not drinking alcohol during your pregnancy, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t use a wine glass.  Pour some grape juice mixed with a little club soda into a wine glass with your dinner.  Your dinner will feel a little more fancy and you will get the antioxidant benefits from the grapes.


Try swapping some of these items next time your craving hits.  Your weight gain and your growing baby will be grateful!